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January 2nd 2019 info

New cars for 2019 are being announced thick and fast, along with speculation about possible up-coming arrivals in current car news. With this, we're going to name drop five new state-of-the-art models set to be unveiled in 2019. Whether you're into SUVs, hatchbacks or saloons – there's something for everyone being announced this year and ultimately, this is good news for second hand cars, too.


BMW 3 Series

This latest, seventh-generation 3 series had its grand unveiling at the 2018 Paris Motor Show and it's going to be the most technologically advanced version yet. The 2019 3 Series will be 76mm longer than its predecessor and looks to offer a newly available, wide array of driver assistance tech. From adaptive cruise control that allows shift at smarter times – meaning drivers can drop a gear in traffic using engine braking rather than manual brakes to slow down  - and an extended traffic jam assistant that lets the vehicle drive itself in stop and go traffic speeds of up to 37mph.


BMW 1 Series

The 3 Series' distant relative will also be making a new appearance in 2019. The all-new 1 Series is undergoing a re-configuration with its rear-wheel drive completely replaced by front-wheel drive, making it a lot lighter and roomier. This means it's a lot more practical, with a larger boot size, more space inside, and dramatically improved handling thanks to a lower running gear.


VW Golf MK8

From one hatchback to another, the VW Golf MK8 will be rolling into action in June 2019. The new Golf will undergo its biggest transformation in 43 years as the German brand is getting ready to unveil the models first use of hybrid technology and a complete revamp of its interior.


DS 3 Crossback

An evolution of the DS 3 is taking place in 2019, with the introduction of the new Crossback. The popular hatchback is set to be replaced by a crossover version and enter the hotly contested, small premium SUV market this year. The Crossback promises to be significantly more luxurious with an enhanced leather interior and innovative door handles that pop out as the driver approaches the car.


Honda CR-V Hybrid

Last but certainly not least, a new entry to the expanding list of effective hybrid models this year is the fresh-look Honda CR-V. Equipped with a 2.0-litre petrol engine, two electric motors and a single fixed gear ratio, known as Intelligent Multi Mode Drive (i-MMD), the new hybrid has a lot of people excited.

Latest car guides

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