If there’s one thing that every driver should strive to be, it’s safe. No matter what country you drive in or what vehicle you choose, safety is a number one priority across the globe.

The usual driving test only prepares us so much, so keeping on top of this is essential to being a sensible driver at all times.

If you’re interested in becoming a safer driver, take a look at our quick list of tips to improve British roads and make a return to feel good driving.

Regular car mini-maintenance

It’s recommended that you carry out basic checks on your vehicle once a month to keep it running in the best possible way. These basic checks include: keeping your tyres at the correct pressure, checking your oil level, keeping your windscreen fluid topped up, and making sure your lights are in good working order. Carrying out these simple checks regularly will help towards keeping your car in functional, allowing you to stay safer on the road.

Keep your cool

It’s not uncommon to be left feeling frustrated by things like bad traffic, inconsiderate drivers, or dodgy directions, but try not to let these things get to you. Getting angry behind the wheel can cause you to increase speed or result in a loss of concentration. Instead, count to 10 and embrace a Zen 2018. It will be better for you and all those around you too.

Stick to the speed limit

Speed is a major contributing factor in road collisions, so take your foot off the pedal and pay more attention to the rules of the road. Driving slower allows us to react much quicker, as there’s more time available to assess road situations.

Not only does sticking to the speed limit increase your safety, it can even help improve fuel consumption by reducing the amount of high-speed driving you do every day.

Be more considerate

Sometimes, driving can be competitive. Whether you’re locking down the last space in a crowded car park or edging your bets in stand-still traffic, it’s a dog-eat-dog world out there.

A simple ‘thank you’ wave, or letting another car out in traffic can really help to make someone’s day. Maybe even yours! So, consider getting out there and paying that good will forward by being a more considerate driver.

Enjoy the drive

With the everyday commute or school run, driving can seem like a chore rather than something to enjoy. Rediscover your sense of driving adventure and take advantage of the freeing feeling it can give you. One simple way to embrace this is to keep a weekend afternoon free and just get out there for the pure pleasure of it. Whether you take a drive to the country or visit the coast, you’ll feel much better when that Monday morning comes back around.

Ensure regular servicing intervals

This tip goes hand in hand with regular car maintenance, but there are tasks that some drivers are incapable of completing when it comes to car servicing.

Small tasks like oil changes might be doable, but changing spark plugs and re-fitting timing belts can be arduous tasks, of which should only be undertaken by experience mechanics.

Generally, cars should be serviced once every 6,000 miles depending on their age. If your car is relatively new, you can probably get away with annual services, but cars older than say 10 years may need to be looked at more frequently.

Not only will this help keep your car in top shape, it’ll keep it alive for much longer than you might expect.

Avoid distractions

Driving is fraught with distractions. Take the strain away from your driving routine by avoiding as many distractions as you can during your commute.

Place your phone in the glovebox out of sight and, if needs be, dial back the radio a few decibels to leave you completely in tune with your vehicle. This will not only make you much more alert, but could potentially avoid any nasty accidents in the future.

Drive a used car today

Perhaps the most important element in improving your driving experience is to make sure it’s done in a quality vehicle. At findandfundmycar.com, you can find thousands of used cars available across the nation.

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