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April 9th 2020 info

If you were considering upgrading your car, but the current climate has you feeling a little uneasy about making a purchase, then we might be able to help. With many dealerships temporarily closing their doors and changing the way they’re selling, being able to trust who you’re buying from is more important than ever. You might doubt whether a used car can be a reliable choice at this time, but as long as you know what you’re looking for then you could snag a great deal.

We’ve rounded up some of the most reliable used cars to help you on your journey!

Despite hours of research and discussions, purchasing a used car too often comes down to one factor: its odometer.

High mileage is the kryptonite of the used car industry. As soon as a higher-than-expected mileage is read out, would-be buyers can get cold feet.

Yet, this means used cars can offer unbeatable deals – you just need to know which models thrive in high mileage and age.

If you choose a car with full-service history and the knowledge of how it performs under years of use, then it’s a route to getting a good deal.

But first, you need to know what to look for. Below, we list which car models show that used cars can be almost as reliable as new, as well as what to look out for.

The most reliable car brands and models

Ford Fiesta

It's fair to say, you cannot go wrong with a Fiesta. Most issues tend to be cosmetic or involve minor electrics.

It’s the car that has it all: an economical price point, decent on fuel and relatively immune to major breakdown problems.

If you’re looking for a car you can depend on, then find and fund a Ford Fiesta.

Honda Civic

Honda Civics are especially reliable. The most common issues you’re likely to see with this model is with the battery, followed by air conditioning.

With a beefy frame and idiosyncratic layout, this is a used hatchback that will suit your needs. Find and fund a Honda Civic today.

Toyota iQ

In the view of the Reliability Index, the most reliable car is the compact Toyota iQ. The average age of sampled models was 5.65 years with 31,500 miles on the clock.

Average repair costs for the model came to just £147.25, with most issues being caused by the suspension.

Most reliable cars are small and it’s no different for the iQ. If you’re looking for a zippy, urban-friendly used car, then this is that.

Mitsubishi Lancer

Coming in a close second on the Reliability Index is the Mitsubishi Lancer. The testing of this model was at an average age of 5 years with under 44,000 miles.

With an average repair cost of £69.30, it’s unlikely that a used version of this will be racking up major costs. Although most repairs were focused around the engine, suspension and electrics.

If you’re looking for a used car as reliable as it is stylish, then look no further than Mitsubishi’s Lancer.

Car size and reliability

Generally, if you’re looking for a reliable used car, then opting for smaller models has been proven to be the best option.

Small city cars tend to be more reliable than larger, luxury vehicles. While this is a definitive trend, it isn’t gospel.

It’s important to consider cars on a model-by-model basis. While smaller cars are generally more reliable, it doesn’t mean all large or luxury used vehicles are inefficient.

As always, carefully research models before putting down the money.

Does a used car’s age matter?

It depends. What you need is context about the car you are purchasing, as well as its full history.

For example, buying a newer model of car with significant mileage isn’t recommended as it’s a giveaway sign that the car has been driven hard.

It’s better to buy an older car with the same mileage as its driving has been spread out, whereas a hard-drove, newer version is likelier to encounter problems.

Find a used car that will last you years

As part of MotoNovo, findandfundmycar has all the information you need to make a used car purchase that you won’t regret.

Communication is key in used car sales and, thankfully, our service lists all the details you need to make sure you buy only the most reliable used cars.

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