If you were considering upgrading your car, but the current climate has you feeling a little uneasy about making a purchase, then we might be able to help.

With the used car market growing every day, being able to trust who you’re buying from is more important than ever. You might often doubt whether a used car can be a reliable choice, but as long as you know what you’re looking for then you could snag a great new set of wheels.

We’ve rounded up some of the most reliable used cars to help you on your journey and answer this main question: are used cars reliable?

What makes a car reliable?

Before we discuss the most reliable used cars, it helps to understand how these cars fall into such a category. So, what exactly is it that makes a car reliable? Let’s find out:


Purchasing a reliable used car often comes down to one factor: its odometer.

High mileage is the kryptonite of the used car industry. As soon as a higher-than-expected mileage is read out, would-be buyers can get cold feet.

Yet, this means used cars can offer unbeatable deals – you just need to know which models thrive in high mileage and age.


The fact is, some cars are just plain easier to work on than others. Convoluted parts placement, non-standard fixtures and fittings, and poor manual availability are just a few bug bears of any mechanic. So, choosing a car that conforms to motoring norms is a great way to see that it’s well maintained.

One tip for ensuring this is to shop for a car that is manufactured close to where you live. In the UK, this is increasingly difficult, with a large portion of car manufacturing being cut down in recent years. But, in France for example, buyers are spoilt for choice.


Perhaps one of the main ways you can gauge a car’s reliability is to judge how often you see it on the road. If so many motorists are willing to invest in a particular model, then you probably should too. This increased popularity also makes it easier for garages to order in replacement parts.

So, if reliability is on your mind, take note of the cars you drive past every day and you could be onto a winner.

Generally, if you’re looking for a reliable used car, then opting for smaller models has been proven to be the best option.

Small city cars tend to be more reliable than larger, luxury vehicles. While this is a definitive trend, it isn’t gospel. Put simply, there’s less to go wrong with a smaller car, as parts are generally closer together and better able to make stronger connections with each other over a sustained period.

However, it’s important to consider cars on a model-by-model basis. While smaller cars are generally more reliable, it doesn’t mean all large or luxury used vehicles are inefficient.

As always, carefully research models before putting down the money.

Reliable used cars

If you choose a car with full-service history and the knowledge of how it performs under years of use, you’ll be enroute to getting a good deal. First, you need to know what models are out there. Below, we list the car models proving that used cars can be almost as reliable as new.

Ford Fiesta

It's fair to say, you cannot go wrong with a Ford Fiesta. The Fiesta has consistently reigned as the UK’s most popular vehicle, offering great service regimes and a wide variety of parts always readily available.

With the Fiesta, most issues tend to be cosmetic or involve minor electrics. It’s very rare to encounter a major engine failure on these cars. And, in the event that this does happen, Fiestas are thankfully extremely service-friendly.

It’s the car that has it all: an economical price point, decent fuel economy and relative immunity to frequent breakdowns.

Honda Civic

Honda Civics are especially reliable. Handcrafted with top-of-the-line Japanese engineering, the Civic has stood the test of time through eleven generations and shows no sign of slowing down.

The most common issues you’re likely to see with the Civic revolve around its battery, usually followed by air conditioning gas leaks. Even then, these problems mostly fall under general wear and tear, and aren’t exclusive to just the Civic.

With a beefy frame and idiosyncratic layout, this is a used hatchback that is proven to last. Get a piece of the action with a used Honda Civic today.

Toyota iQ

If we look to the numbers, then according to Reliability Index, the most reliable car available right now is the compact Toyota iQ.

Average repair costs for the iQ come in at around £147.25 a year, with most issues being caused by the suspension. It’s a well known fact that small cars tend to be the most reliable, due to the marginal room for error with such a compact chassis, and the iQ certainly backs up that claim.

Browse our used Toyota iQ listings and bag yourself a reliability-focused motor today.

Find a used car that will last

With this information, you’ll be well on your way to securing a set of wheels to suit you.

So, take your new-found knowledge and browse the enormous range of used cars available at findandfundmycar.com, today.

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