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the best time of year to buy a used car

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the cost of used cars can vary geographically and from dealer to dealer

But they can also vary depending on the time of year

January 11th 2019 info

It's not just the high street stores and online shops that promote sales throughout the year, your local used car dealer will take advantage of seasonal changes too. There are certain times of the year when many used cars will be reduced in price — these usually coincide with the times when sales of brand new cars are at their peak. New number plates are released in the UK twice a year — in 2019, the 19 plates will come out in March and the 69 plates in September. This is when the sales of new cars thrive and the cost of used cars comes down as dealers have so many to sell.

You may also notice that prices are reduced towards the end of June and December; with the end of the financial quarters looming, lots of dealers will be offering deals and promotions to help shift some stock. If you're in the haggling mood then maybe try heading to the dealer on a weekday — Fridays are notoriously quiet at car dealerships giving you more negotiating time with the dealer..

You may also want to consider which types of cars are 'out of season'. If you've got your heart set on a second hand convertible then why not scour the forecourts during the winter months? It may be a while before you ride around with the top down, but you're sure to make a saving at these times as they could otherwise be quite difficult to shift. On the flipside, if you're keen on getting a four-wheel-drive or off-road specialty vehicle then summer may be the best time to look around; you could be one step ahead of the game for when the winter weather arrives.

Essentially, it's all about demand and it's always good to shop around. findandfundmycar.com offers cars from hundreds of trusted dealers from around the country. If nothing grabs you straight away, keep checking back to our site and use our Intelligent Search function to find your next second hand car with great dealer finance deals.

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