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Car appreciation: why do some cars appreciate in value?

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April 28th 2022 info

While it’s a common occurrence for cars to depreciate in value, it’s also possible on the rare occasion for them to appreciate. As with most things, cars appreciate based on what society deems desirable. This often comes down to a car’s rarity, popularity, and nostalgia factor.

Whether you’re a collector looking for the right cars to join your set or an enthusiast seeking an eventual profit, these are the important steps to take to encourage a car’s appreciation.

How to make your car appreciate

The most important step in seeing your car’s value rise is simply looking after it. Keeping on top of regular oil changes, rotating the tires, maintaining the breaks, etc. is the easiest way to keep your car in good condition.

Simultaneously, however, try to avoid making major changes to the car. Maintaining its original condition will make the car more appealing as time goes on. This includes the owner’s manual and car information stickers being well kept.

Car fanatics also like to see the original paint job on classic cars, so this is crucial when it comes to the car’s long-term value. To keep it in the best condition possible, keep the car indoors (ideally from new), and keep it out of harsh sunlight wherever possible. That is, if you can resist the temptation of a nice drive on a hot day.

What kinds of car appreciate?

Car appreciation tends to be rare because of the criteria it has to meet. To begin with, the car itself must be difficult to come across as well as being in high demand in order to have value. The key to an in-demand car is usually high horsepower and loud revs. They’re also typically slick and stylish in their design; coupes, hatchbacks and luxury styles tend to be the cars that appreciate in value the most.

Petrol cars are also more likely to appreciate than their diesel counterparts because of their faster response and more attractive noise.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that used cars tend not to appreciate, particularly if they have a high mileage or haven’t been properly maintained. Buying new is the best bet for appreciation, but even then, it can be risky. Because of their higher value to begin with, if a new car doesn’t appreciate, it will have a higher rate of depreciation than its used counterpart.

New cars that appreciate in value

There is no concrete way of knowing which cars will appreciate in the future. The most that we can do is make an informed guess based on current trends.

Below are our predictions of which cars are most likely to appreciate in coming years.

Land Rover Defender

The Defender’s production ended in 2016, and although its replacement came out in 2020, the demand for the original has been high ever since. There’s every chance that this car will only continue to appreciate, as it seems to already be classed as a classic by many due to the way it dominates its corner of the market.

Ford Raptor

Already considered a classic by some, there are versions of the Raptor that are already being paid more for now than when it first came into production in 2010. The Raptor should be a safe gamble for appreciation due to its high performance.

Mazda RX-8

The Mazda RX-8 is also likely to appreciate, as Mazda has announced that it will not be re-introducing the rotary powertrain to production. If you own one or see one for sale, the Mazda RX-8 is likely worth holding on to for a while, particularly as they are currently at a low price to buy.

Ford Focus RS

The second Ford to make our list, the Focus RS has fallen in price very slowly since new and now appears to be on the rise. This makes it one to watch; it’s possible that this car could increase sharply in value in a short space of time.

Honda S2000

The S2000 remains as popular today as it was during its 10-year production. More than 110,000 were sold, and it’s now a highly collectable car.

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