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essential survival guide for christmas visits

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we all know you'd rather be sat at home in front of the fire…

… but sometimes we have to head out and about on Christmas family visits.

December 16th 2018 info fun

It can be tricky keeping the little ones entertained on a trip to the supermarket, let alone on long, festive drives to see the family. But there's no need to worry about gloomy weather, long delays, or over-excited passengers eager to see Santa…

To keep the kids amused during Christmas car journeys, just take a peek at our survival guide:

1.       Car games

Forget the tablets or portable computer games, and keep the family entertained by playing car games together on your journey. 'I went to Lapland and I took…’ is a Christmas variation of the memory word game, 'I went to the supermarket and I bought…'. A great test of concentration and skill that'll be sure to keep the festive spirit alive when on long journeys, and even bring that extra spark of imagination back for parents, too!

If your children are a bit older, pop in a Christmas CD and see who can name the most tunes after playing the first few bars of a song. Whoever scores the highest most definitely deserves an extra pig in blanket or Yorkshire pud at Christmas dinner!

2.       Pack snacks

Self-explanatory…who doesn't love a snack? But why not getting into the spirit of the season by taking along some especially  festive treats like mince pies and candy canes?

3.       Take rest breaks

Breaking the journey up will make it more manageable not only for the kids, but for you, too. Stopping at service stations to stretch your legs, and use the bathroom is common sense.More importantly you can help the kids get rid of any excess energy they have.

4.       Talk about all things Christmas!

Hearing the little ones talk excitedly about seeing Santa is priceless, so make the most of it! Anything festive help pass the time. Why not list feel-good Christmas moments together? How it feels to wake up on Christmas Day, what it's like seeing someone's face light up, cosying up to watch Elf with a hot chocolate…

5.       Have patience

Christmas is undeniably the most thrilling time of year for children. So, take their restlessness and distress on car journeys with a little extra consideration. Think back to when you were a child, and how all you wanted to do was be with everyone, having fun! Reiterate to them that the journey won't be much further, and will most definitely be worth the wait.

All in all, the key to surviving long, family drives over the Christmas period is to keep the festive spirit alive and the journey will be a breeze!

Latest car guides

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