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Time to leave the L plates behind and become a confident driver

February 28th 2019 info

Learning to drive takes time and practice, and once you've passed you'll want to enjoy the freedom and independence driving gives you. But we know striking out on your own can be nerve wracking. Here's our top tips on building your confidence behind the wheel

#1 Know your route

One of the biggest realisations you'll have when you first start driving is that you have pretty much no idea how to get anywhere! You soon find out you rarely paid much attention to routes or road names when you travelled as a passenger in someone else's car.

This means you might be tempted to stick on the satnav, but we're challenging you to go old school and find your way using careful planning and road signs - it'll help.

Before heading somewhere new, briefly check your route beforehand and try to get yourself to the location using road signs. The faster you become comfortable with the use of road signs and slowing down to process new information, the easier you'll find it to navigate in different situations.

#2 Tackle things that intimidate you

You might be feeling wary of taking on a multi-storey car park, hitting the motorway, or exploring long distance driving. Our advice is to pick a time and day when traffic will be quiet, and give it a go.

If you can tackle these situations in less busy time periods, such as late on a weekday, this can help boost your confidence for normal, daily driving when placed in the same situation. It can help to take along someone you trust for moral support. But remember to…

#3 Practice on your own

Solo driving will help build your confidence. You've passed your test, so believe in your ability to drive safely and well. The more you drive the more comfortable you'll get with driving - and getting out there on your own means you can practice specific skills without pressure, helping you become a more self-reliant, intuitive driver.

#4 Explore!

The beauty of driving is being able to explore new places, so when you're ready, plan a trip and take yourself somewhere unfamiliar. You'll love the freedom and independence being able to drive will give you, so get out there and make the most of it!

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