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what's the world record for most consecutive doughnuts or the longest road trip?

You can find out here, as well as some other crazy records broken over the years.

November 17th 2018 fun

Fastest Car Wheel Change – 58.43 seconds

Let's face it: nobody actually enjoys changing their car wheel, do they? It can be a frustrating, stressful and if you don't know what you're doing it can be a long process. Not if you happen to be driving with the four record-breaking technicians from German tyre specialist, Reifen Umert, though: they hold the record for changing all four wheels on a road car in a staggering 58.43 seconds, putting the rest of us to shame in the process.

Longest Road Trip – 460,476 miles

Looking at this world record entry, it's fair to say we'll never, ever complain about having to endure a long journey again. Having shipped their Toyota Land Cruiser from Iceland to New York in 1984, Swiss couple, Emil and Liliana Schmid, embarked on a journey that has seen them drive nearly 500,000 miles across 186 countries. What's more, their journey – the longest road trip ever as of 4 April, 2017 – is still ongoing.

Most Consecutive Donuts – 280

Not the type you get from Krispy Kreme, obviously. Rather, the ones you're used to seeing F1 drivers pull at the end of a race, or in The Fast and Furious films. The ones UK racing and stunt driver, Jamie Morrow, managed to pull off an impressive 283 back in September 2011. Performed in a Westfield Sport 1600, the feat took Morrow more than 17 minutes to perform; enough to make your head spin for sure.

Fastest Time to Park 50 Cars – 22 minutes and 16.7 seconds

Brodie Branch managed to park 50 cars of all shapes and sizes in a Gatwick airport car park in 2012, meaning we know who to call if we're ever struggling to find a space when we do our Saturday shopping.

Tightest Reverse Parallel Park – 34cm

Not for the faint-hearted or one to try when you're parking outside your house - Alastair Moffatt from Stunt Drive UK set this record in 2015, beating the previous record of 35cm by just 1cm. And, by doing so, managed to create one of the most Italian Job-esque driving world records of all-time.

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