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with two bank holidays to look forward to in May, we take a look at some games that the whole family can play to while away the time.

Get rid of any back-seat boredom with these simple and fun family car games.

May 4th 2018 info fun

With today's technology, it may be easy to hand over your smartphone so the kids can watch a bit of Paw Patrol or play on an app. However, at we think a family day out should be just that, so here are a few ideas for some family-friendly games to play on a long car journey; guaranteed to alleviate boredom and keep everyone entertained.

I Spy

Not only a simple game to play, but very educational for anyone with pre-school kids, helping them with their spelling whilst also having fun. We're sure you don't need a refresher of the rules, but it's quite simple; one player spots something for the others to guess with the phrase “I spy, with my little eye, something beginning with… “. Each player takes it in turns to guess what the spotter has seen! Simple.

Road Trip Bingo

This one takes a little preparation beforehand, but is still a great way to keep the kids busy in the back. Simply grab a piece of card and create a grid with different things you may see on a car journey (for example, a red car, a sheep or a tree). The kids then cross off each item when they spot them! Adding a little incentive for completing their board will also help, so keep some treats handy.

The Picnic Game

This is a great game that everyone can play. It's an alphabet-based memory game so may be suited more to older kids and the more that join in, the merrier (and more challenging!). The first player says “I'm off for a picnic and I'm bringing…” followed by something beginning with A. The next player repeats what the first has said but as well as remembering the item beginning with A, has to think of something beginning with B too! Keep going through the alphabet as far as you can — if you forget an item, you're out of the game (though it may be fair to younger players to give them little hints!).

Name That Tune

We understand that having your kids singing the latest Taylor Swift song in a brand new arrangement may add to your travel woes, but give it a try. They will love it and — in time — you might too! Hum it, whistle it or try your best to hold a tune, but give yourself a bit of a challenge by not singing or saying any of the words.

Story Time

You make a start with a simple “Once upon a time…” and everyone takes it in turns to write a new line for your brand new family story. Beware, as the Three-Legged Bucket Monster may make an appearance sooner than you think! A great way to get the kids' imagination going and take their minds off how long it is until the next service station.

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