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May 15th 2020 news info

The health and safety of our customers and dealer partners is a top priority for us at this time. As the nation works toward a phased lifting of lockdown and some dealerships begin to re-open, findandfund is open for business online. You can search for your car online, research your purchase and obtain a finance agreement. In some cases, dealership forecourts will be open, or they may be operating a distance selling model and deliver your car to your home in line with social distancing rules – please contact your dealer directly to find out more about what they can provide. Here’s more information…

Are dealerships open?

Dealer showrooms and forecourts may be open in some areas, but please call or message any dealers directly in advance of visiting them, as their opening hours may be affected. Even if their opening hours are different, many dealerships will be operating online and have stock on findandfund. Contact the dealership via email or phone to find out more information on how they’re operating and how they're facilitating sales.

Can I buy a car at the moment?

You can search online and obtain a finance agreement, but depending on your location, lockdown may affect your ability to safely collect the vehicle. Please read our article on distance buying and speak to the dealership directly about their seles process. You can also search on findandfund and apply for a finance agreement online through MotoNovo Finance.

Is it safe to buy a vehicle online?

You should only buy from trusted sellers or dealerships and ensure you carry out the right checks before making a purchase. We have two articles that you might find helpful:

A guide to distance buying

How to check the history of a used car

Can I get the vehicle delivered?

findandfund does not operate a delivery service, but each dealership may have their own home delivery service available.

Will you be offering distance buying and how does it work?

This will be on an individual dealer basis and we have a guide to distance buying here. The health and safety of our customers is a top priority and we only work with trusted dealers. Many of our dealer network will be open to supporting customers to buy cars at a distance should they want to.

Will the dealerships be carrying out extra cleaning and taking social distancing measures once they reopen?

Dealers will take an individual approach to this but the Prime Minister has announced new rules for COVID-19 in England saying employers will need to prove they meet a new safety standard, dubbed "Covid secure". HSENI has published a risk assessment template to support this Covid-Secure principle and dealerships will need to complete this. For more information on what specific dealer partners are doing, take a look at their website and social media pages.

I have a new finance agreement; what happens if my finances are impacted by coronavirus and I can’t pay?

If your finance agreement is with MotoNovo and you are worried about making future payments, please visit the support page. If you have finance with another lender or bank, please contact them directly.

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