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Finding the right car for your needs

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February 27th 2020 info

Choosing which car you want can be a bit of a minefield, especially if you’re new to the driving world. Budget aside, it’s often based on personal needs and even emotional factors, so it can be a little tricky to think objectively. You need to make sure you’ve considered all the options so that the vehicle suits your lifestyle and you get a good use out of it.

10 things you might not have considered when searching for your next car;

1. Does your car need to be a specific size to fit in your garage? That may sound silly, but  a lot of modern cars are too big for some garages, so make sure you measure up.

2. How important is the size of your boot? If you have a family, pets or maybe a hobby that has you carting around lots of equipment you’ll need to consider whether all your luggage will easily fit in the boot.

3. How important are environmental concerns? If you want something that is more environmentally friendly, look to EVs or newer vehicles.

4. Do you want specific gadgets or features? A lot of features don’t come as standard, so it’s especially important to check the spec when buying a used vehicle. Think heated seats, stereo functions,  cruise control etc.

5. Do you often have a lot of passengers? If you regularly give lifts to friends and family you’ll probably want a car with a lot of doors to avoid having to clamber to the backseats.

6. How important is fuel economy? This might depend on whether you’ll be using the car for long drives or short commutes as this can affect your cost of running.

7. Is style important to you? Fancy cars will often cost you more, but if image is important to you it’s worth waiting for the make and model you want in the right colour. Consider widening your search location if you’re looking for something specific.

8. Do you like driving manual or automatic? Driving styles can vary enormously and some people find enjoyment in controlling the gears, whilst others want an easier drive. If you live in a hilly area it might be worth considering the ease of an automatic car.

9. Will you be towing anything? Consider what you’d be towing and how much it weighs. It’s not all down to just having a tow hitch; each vehicle will also have a towing weight limit. This isn’t just important for being able to pull the trailer, but also being able to break with it!

10. How important are all weather capabilities? Let’s be real, a 4x4 in the city isn’t usually a necessity, but can be more of a fashion statement. If you live in a rural area however, you’ll need to consider the terrain you’ll be driving on.

Latest car guides

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