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the UK firm set to take on Google's driverless cars

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the noise surrounding driverless cars has been getting louder in recent years

But there's one company who is looking to introduce driverless public transport; meet FiveAI

November 3rd 2018 info

Love them or loathe them, driverless cars are, more than likely, here to stay. At the forefront of using the power of autonomy to drive society in a new direction is Five AI: an AI-focused company, looking to provide a fully autonomous, shared transport service.

Based in Cambridge, the company has already raised a cool £26.8 million as they look to bring their two-part business plan to life. Indeed, FiveAI will kick things off by building its very own autonomous driving system, before releasing a fleet of self-driving taxis to take on the likes of Uber.

With financial backing from the government and the company already working on a congestion-cutting scheme with Transport for London, FiveAI's CEO and co-founder, Stan Boland, believes the world is ready for this innovative movement.

So, how will the company's driverless cars work? Well, as you can imagine, it's not a simple task but, in a nutshell, the idea is to create a system that uses Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in order to make fast, accurate and safe decisions on the road.

A series of complex algorithms to actually drive the cars aside, however, the real challenge for the team at FiveAI lies in finding a way to codify human behaviour. Even with the extensive gathering of data from CCTV accident and cognitive psychology analysis, the process of building a system that reacts to real-world situations safer than humans is going to be a long and winding road.

With so many complex tasks facing them, we know the one question that you're dying to ask: when will driverless cars be available from Five AI?

Well, if all goes to plan, Boland thinks 2021 isn't out of the picture. Trying to get a potentially skeptical public to put their lives in the hands of a fully automated car, however, might take a little while longer.

driverless cars

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