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Do you have a mini-petrolhead in the family? Maybe someone who can’t wait until they’re old enough to get behind the wheel? To celebrate all things reading, we've been scouring the shelves for the best children’s books about cars that will keep your little ones entertained.

From the best chapter-books about cars, to more visual, classic books, we’ve compiled our five favourite car books for kids below.

Or, if you and your children would rather see cars in action, check out our list of the top five car films for children.

5. Otto: The Boy Who Loved Cars - Kara LaReau

They say that if the wind changes, your face will stay that way – something similar happens to young Otto in this pre-school book by Kara LaReau. Kicking off our top 5 is Otto and his love for cars – a character that many young children can empathise with.

Otto loves cars so much; he plays with his toy cars when he's awake and dreams about them when he's asleep. But one day, he wakes up to find that he's turned into a car.

Your kids can follow Otto's ups and downs in this great little book which is a perfect diversion for a long car journey.

4. Car Science: A White-Knuckle guide to Science in Action - Richard Hammond

For more inquisitive young minds, Richard Hammond (Top Gear, The Grand Tour) delves under the bonnet for an exciting exploration of car technology. If you and your children are looking for books about cars and how they work, you should definitely consider a pit-stop here.

Aimed at the older kids, this book is filled with diagrams and graphics that will keep any budding engineer both amused and informed. While this may lack in the plot or story department, your kids will leave this book with newfound knowledge about different types of vehicles, how they work, and with an awareness of how cars contribute to culture. It may even be good for Mum and Dad to take a look at in case the kids come up with any taxing questions!

The layout is nice and clear, and there are plenty of activities to keep children entertained at home or in the car. Just be prepared for them to be a little more critical of the family car in future!

3. Cars and Trucks and Things That Go - Richard Scarry

This book has been around since many of today's parents were children themselves. Published in 1974, it’s still an excellent way to keep little minds occupied.  It has plenty of colourful pages covering all manner of vehicles from the car to the fire engine and beyond. If it’s got wheels, it’ll be in this book.

Aimed at nursery and infant school aged kids, it's great for improving their vocabulary. There’s also a ‘Where’s Wally’-style activity on every page where kids have to find the hidden 'Goldbug' for an extra layer of entertainment. This book is a fun, nostalgic read that has been educating children about the world of transport for almost 50 years.

If it’s a transport story book that has lasted this long, then it must be doing something right.

2. Sheep in a Jeep - Nancy Shaw

The idea for this book came to the author when she was on a very long car trip with her two children, so this is someone writing with some experience on the subject. One in an 8-part series featuring her hilarious and loveable sheep, this is a great book for stories at bedtime or on the move.

With bright illustrations by Margot Apple, it’s as fun to flick through as it is to read, sure to keep your children entertained from the images alone before they can follow along with the words. Written to be read aloud to children of nursery age, they'll no doubt revisit it later when they’re learning to read themselves.

This is a book with charm in abundance, so isn’t one they’ll read once and put down. You’ll be getting your money’s worth with Sheep in a Jeep making an appearance at story-time over and over again.

1. Go, Dog. Go! - P.D Eastman

This book gets our number one slot as a timeless, classic car book. Published by Beginner Books (set up by none other than Dr. Seuss himself), Go, Dog. Go! is well on its way to celebrating its 60th birthday. The reason for its longevity is its simplicity, it’s now one of the most celebrated transport story books of all-time.

Much like The Cat in the Hat, Go, Dog. Go! Is from Dr. Seuss’ Beginner Book series, using short sentences, simple words, and informative images to encourage new readers. With its many colourful illustrations, the story focuses on a group of dogs who use their cars to get to work, meet friends, and to get to 'the dog party'. In true Dr. Seuss fashion, it also includes a theme of friendship all based around the wearing of hats.

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