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How to clean your car without making it streaky

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May 26th 2020 info

As a driver, there’s perhaps no better feeling than cleaning your car inside and out  and making it sparkle like new. But, what’s the best car wash method, we hear you ask?

In order to get that streak-free, showroom finish, follow these six simple steps to ensure your used car looks as good as new.

Car washing tips: from car wash technique to the best cloths to use

Step 1: Invest in high-quality streak-free car wash solution and a cloth

If you want to get your car turning heads, then gleaming bodywork is an absolute must. Start off with the right materials or you could do some damage!

Research the best kind of car wash solution for your car colour; figuring out how to clean a black car without streaks will require a different type of wash than, say, a pink car.

If you’re unsure of what the best cloth to wash a car with is, opt for microfiber cloths, as these tend to be super soft and absorbent.

 If you prefer to use a sponge, then don’t settle for anything generic; there’s a chance that using anything but a car-specific sponge will cause scratches to the paintwork.

Then it’s onto hosing and rinsing the car down in a shaded area, as washing your car in the shade minimises water spots.

Step 2: the pre-wash

The pre-wash. If you’re lucky enough to own a jet washer, then snow foam is a worthwhile use of your time. It keeps the cleaning components of the soap in contact with the car for longer, providing a high cleaning rate.

When used correctly it can practically dissolve the dirt on your car and saves your arms from a lot of unnecessary scrubbing. Plus, it’s also a lot of fun to do!

Step 3: clean the car in small sections

If you don’t have a jet/pressure washer, use two buckets – one with a shampoo solution, the other with clean rinse water – dip your mitt in the rinse bucket, before doing the same in the shampoo solution.

Working from the top of the vehicle to the bottom, clean the car in small sections, rinsing the mitt regularly in the rinse bucket before dunking it in the shampoo solution.

Repeat this cleaning process until the whole car is cleaned.

Step 4: rinse, wax and buff

Using your hose, rinse the car clean as you did in Step 1. Now, here’s a little trick from the professionals; don’t spend time drying your car. Instead, leave it wet and using a wet wax, spray the car before buffing it to a shine. Not only will this add a layer of protection and shine to your car, but it will also make future washes much easier.

Step 5: cleaning the wheels

Now, onto your wheels. In order to get rid of that stubborn black brake dust, it’s worth investing in a proper wheel cleaning solution. This can be sprayed on and cleaned with a wheel-friendly brush before being rinsed off. And, if you really want to add the extra touch, a wet shine dressing will give your tyres that professional look and feel.

Step 6: clean the glass and dry

Last, but by no means least, clean your glass to match the rest of your car. Having sprayed a glass cleaner directly onto a microfiber cloth, simply wipe the glass in an up and down, side to side motion. Using a clean microfiber cloth, wipe the glass dry, removing as much wetness as possible to avoid streaks.

Now, all that’s left to do is jump in the driver’s seat, and drive away with a smile on your face!

How often should you wash your car?

This largely depends on the type of driver you are. If you have a penchant for off-roading in the mountains, you’re probably going to need to wash your car more than most. As a general rule of thumb, however, experts recommend washing your car every two weeks.

If you live in a high-salt area – such as near the beach or from salt on iced-over roads – then you will need to wash your car more often than that. Salt can corrode metal and cause rust quickly, so keep on top of this by giving your car a good scrub.

Use the best car wash method on a new set of wheels today

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