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How to fix the most common car problems

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July 21st 2021 info

Sometimes, vehicles break down. Even if you’ve chosen the perfect model, you’re likely to run into an issue or two while you own it; cars may be great, but they aren’t perfect.

However, running into an issue doesn’t mean you need to go to the nearest car garage to fix it. You can fix common problems at home (or on the side of the road, if you need to).

Below, we list common car problems and solutions. From issues with paintwork to tyre trouble, you can trust yourself to fix the below minor problems that take a day to fix at most.

The most common car problems and solutions

Replacing the air filter

Replacing an engine air filter is a common occurrence. Over time, an engine air filter can become too dirty, which leads to cooling and heating problems.

To replace an air filter, simply open the top of the filter box. This is found under the bonnet, towards the right-hand side. Take the filter out, and shine a light through it to test if it needs replacing. If the light is significantly obstructed, then you need a fresh one. 

To replace it, simply buy a new one and slot it into the air filter box. Place it exactly like the old filter, and you shouldn’t run into any problems.

Dead battery

A dead battery is one of the most common car breakdown problems. To change a dead battery, you, of course, need a new battery, as well as a wrench and a pair of gloves. You will be dealing with electricity, so take all the proper precautions.

Firstly, remove the negative cable from the negative terminal. Sometimes, you need to loosen the cable with a wrench. Do not touch the terminal with a wrench as it will spark.

Secondly, remove the positive cable from the positive terminal. Following that, loosen the battery hold-down, connectors and fasteners.

Finally, take the battery out. Give the clamps a good clean, place a new battery in and resecure all the connectors to the terminals. Ensure the battery is secured.

If it works, then your car now has power.

Tyre changes

If you drive a car, you should always have some idea of how to change a tyre. They are up there with the most common breakdown problems, so you need to know how to change them.

Thankfully, we’ve covered how to change your tyre in a separate blog post.

Malfunctioning headlight

A dodgy headlight needs to be fixed immediately. If you’re caught driving with faulty headlights, you can face a hefty fine and points on your licence.

Thankfully, fixing a headlight is something you can do at home. Firstly, identify which headlight is faulty. You can’t check from the driver’s seat as it can be difficult to pinpoint the exact bulb that needs changing.

Secondly, identify where the bulb is and purchase a replacement. Open the bonnet, and find the light where the bulb needs replacing. In most instances, this will involve some basic unscrewing.

Find the bulb, detach the power wires and release the locking mechanism. Next, put on a pair of gloves and place your new bulb into the headlight. Be sure to wear gloves so the bulb doesn’t become damaged.

Close the bulb cover, replacing any screws you removed and then the bonnet, then turn on your lights to test them.

Fixing paintwork, bumps and scratches

Small chips, bumps and scratches on our cars can be unsightly annoyances. They can also significantly impact resale value.

Fixing these, however, is easy. All you need is some sandpaper, grease remover and/or a lick of paint. This also works for removing rust, too.

Fed up of working on your car? Then treat yourself to a new one

Sometimes, a beloved car of ours faces one too many problems. Usually, when this happens, it’s time to buy a new one.

At findandfundmycar.com, we stock a wide array of used cars from trustworthy dealers across the UK. Find a reliable set of wheels today.

Don’t forget, these are just tips and if you’re not sure then you should speak to a mechanic before tinkering with your car.

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