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How to remove stickers from car windows, windshields and paint

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March 29th 2022 info

If you've bought a car with some unwanted stickers, or simply want to update your own, we can help you.

Whether it was an ill-conceived decision or if someone has intentionally defaced your car with a sticker, “how do I get stickers off my car?” is a frequently asked question in the motor industry.

Although removing car stickers isn't as easy as applying them, we have some handy tips to make the job go a little smoother.

You don’t need a fancy car sticker removal tool. We show how you can use everyday items, from hairdryers to solvents, to remove vinyl stickers from car paint, windows and windshields without fuss.

How to remove stickers from car paintwork properly

Take a look around when you’re next at a used car dealership. Do you ever see cars with stickers on?

The answer is no. There is a very good reason for that: stickers greatly decrease resale value.

Buying a car is already a very personal decision, and small margins can swing decisions. When you factor in car stickers, you’re gambling on the car buyer having the exact same taste, sense of humour and political opinions as you. It’s a big risk to take.

However, removing stickers isn’t simple. A haphazard job can damage the paintwork, leading to further decreases in resale value.

Below, we list three popular methods for removing car stickers, as well as some general tips and advice on how to remove decals.

How to remove stickers using a hairdryer

Removing stickers or sticker glue from car paint incorrectly can have very negative consequences. Damage to the paintwork can reduce the value of your car, and if you’re trying to sell it, a spotty paint job leaves a poor first impression.

Using a hairdryer is a common method to cleaning up a car with stickers as you only need a few household items.

Namely, you’ll need:

  • A hairdryer
  • Car cleaning spray
  • A plastic card (e.g. a library card)
  • Patience
  • Old rag/towel/microfiber cloth
  • Car polish (optional)

Make sure the surface is as clean as possible before starting the removal process. Take a trip to the car wash, or make sure any dirt surrounding the sticker is removed.

Turn the hairdryer on to its hottest setting, and hover it a few inches above the sticker.

Hold this position for a few seconds, then start to move so the heat hits all parts of the sticker.

Use a plastic card to gently start scraping the edges of the sticker, at an angle. As the sticker is gets hot, you may be able to create a sticker tab and just pull it back off.

Continue repeating steps 3 and 4 if the process is proving difficult.

Wipe away any excess residue using car cleaning spray and a microfiber cloth. Feel free to polish the area too!

How to remove car stickers with solvents

Household solvents are a popular option to remove car stickers, too. If heat isn’t working, then you should opt for solvents.

Before figuring out how to remove stickers from car paint with a solvent, you’ll need:

  •  Boiling water
  • Solvent (vinegar, lemon, vodka, etc.)
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • WD-40

For the first step, soak the sticker residue with boiling water. Then, choose a solvent of your choice, but ensure you don’t pick a solvent that damages your car paint.

Rubbing alcohol is best for glass, while lemon or homemade solvents with vodka may be better for glass. Finish up with WD-40 to remove all the residue.

Be careful when using these solvents as many are flammable.

How to remove car stickers using ice

Ice is an excellent option if you can’t figure out how to remove stickers from car paintwork. By combining ice with an adhesive like rubbing alcohol, it can catalyse the removal of stickers without leaving a mark.

To figure out how to remove stickers from a car using ice, you’ll need:

  •  Window cleaner
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Ice
  • WD-40
  • Plastic card

Start by spraying the window cleaner directly on the sticker, ensuring it is well-covered. Once it’s covered, chip away at it with a plastic card. Repeat until the top of the sticker is totally removed.

Now, you must deal with the pesky resin. If it’s on glass, add rubbing alcohol and then peel from the glass with the card again.

Finally, use ice to cool off the adhesive, holding it there for a few minutes. Scrape off as much as you can with the plastic card, then finish of with WD-40 and wipe.

 How to remove stickers from car glass

Learning how to remove a vinyl sticker from a car window is slightly different to removing it from car paint.

Before starting, you'll need:

  • Glass cleaning solution
  • Adhesive remover for cars
  • Old rag/towel/microfiber cloth
  • Razorblade
  • A can-do attitude

Firstly, prepare the surface by dampening the sticker using a cloth and some warm water.

Then, using your bare hands, attempt to peel away as much of the sticker as possible.

Apply some adhesive remover (according to the packaging's instructions), and let it soak in.

Slowly and safely begin to chip away at the sticker's remains with a razor blade. Use this at an angle to assure you don't scratch your window.

Finally, once you're happy with the result, remove all residue and wipe using a glass cleaning solution!

How to remove car decals

Car decals are a little different than stickers. Decals, typically, are much larger than car stickers, and can cover more of the car’s surface area. Unlike stickers, decals are designed with cars in mind, and leave less damage on paintwork when removed.

However, you still need to remove decals properly, otherwise you risk damaging the paintwork and impacting resale value.

To remove decals, we recommend following the above tips for hairdryer removal. They tend to react well to heat, and the step-by-step process above should have you covered.

Don’t worry about spotty paintwork with our dealers

Whether you'’re removing from paintwork or glass, remember it is bound to be a lengthy process that requires a bit of perseverance. Don't get yourself into another sticky situation, and get your hands on a sticker shield next time!

Thankfully, if you’re looking for a new vehicle, you won’t have to worry about how to remove a sticker from a car with our trusted, reliable dealers. 

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