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tested regularly in the Australian outback, the land cruiser should have no trouble on UK roads.

We speak to the owner of a used model of this giant four-wheel drive favourite – here's what he thinks…

October 15th 2018 info review

“As someone whose job and life in general takes me both on and off-road, when it came to looking for a second-hand 4x4, I needed a rugged, robust and reliable vehicle that could handle anything and everything life threw at it. After doing my homework, a used Toyota Land Cruiser 90 Series proved to be just that.

With low mileage on the clock and an absolute steal at £3,995, I can safely say that this has been the single greatest investment of my life.

Mechanically, it's an absolute workhorse, and an extremely reliable one at that. With several round-trips to both Scotland and France to see family and holiday under its bonnet; the engine, clutch and gearbox have performed faultlessly, posing no breakdown problems or expensive repair bills.

Even 22 years down the line, my '97 model's robust front suspension chassis design has stood the test of time, not to mention over 150,000 miles. Something which - when combined with an insanely spacious, luxury interior - makes for a silky smooth ride (which is a Godsend for the kids especially).

Ultimately, the thing you need to realise about the Toyota Land Cruiser is that it's been around since the 1950s, meaning it's a model that's stood the test of time and, as such, can be relied on – wherever you are in the world.

As Toyota themselves so aptly put it, it's “earned itself a rock-solid reputation as one of the toughest, most capable and reliable vehicles ever made.” Something I will certainly attest to.

Now, for the down sides, of which there are a few you need to be aware of. As far as size, stature and sheer weight are concerned, the Land Cruiser is an absolute unit – making it tough to park and a bit cumbersome in the city at times. It's important to note that, as a result of being such a large vehicle, fuel consumption is heavy, yielding pretty poor MPG as a result.

On the whole, it can be an expensive vehicle to buy second-hand, especially the most recent models. Then again, they do say that you get what you pay for in life, which is why if you want a car that you can enjoy and truly rely on over the course of your lifetime – the Toyota Land Cruiser is worth paying for."

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