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find out why findandfundmycar.com is set to put the fun back into the car buying journey

This is why findandfundmycar.com was needed and how it's changing the face of online car buying.

December 11th 2017 news comment

In the digital age there is no denying that consumers have the world at their fingertips. From the weekly grocery shop to electrical luxuries such as TVs, many people are now doing a lot of their spending online.

The motor industry is no different, with tens of thousands of us now choosing to buy our cars through the web.

We understand why you may want to buy a car online; it certainly seems a quicker and more convenient option compared to the traditional trip to the dealer.

But customers making their purchase purely online could really be missing out. There are a number of reasons why buying from a dealer will mean you''re getting the best outcome.

So, we've brought you findandfundmycar.com — the best of both worlds.

How could you possibly be missing a trick buying online when you successfully buy everything else on the web?

Well, for starters, you might not be getting access to dealer finance options.

If you're looking for car finance, dealer finance from findandfundmycar.com (provided by MotoNovo) is a secure form of lending. This means that it should have no impact on your current lines of credit as long as you keep up your monthly payments.

Additionally, having fixed monthly payments means dealer finance can be one of the most convenient ways to finance your next car.

You could also get your finance approved before even visiting the dealership. We feel this will really suit many customers who would prefer to look at their finance options from the comfort and privacy of home.

Speaking of making a decision from home, we know the joy of online browsing in your pyjamas with a cup of coffee, which is why on findandfundmycar.com you can browse thousands of used cars from trusted dealers without having to take your slippers off.

Skipping out the dealer entirely also means you're missing out on expert advice. By using findandfundmycar.com you're able to get your finance in place and make key decisions from home, but then benefiting from a final chat with an expert to ensure you're getting the best deal. We think that piece of reassurance or advice from someone in the know is pretty essential when committing to a car.

Put simply, we created findandfundmycar.com to make your car buying journey easier, without having to compromise on the benefits of buying from a dealer. 

So get the kettle on, take a browse and we hope you'll find your next car with findandfundmycar.com – that's feel good car buying.

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