depreciation, lower insurance costs and longevity – just three factors to consider when buying a new car.

Check out our list of six good reasons as to why buying from a used car dealer can work out better than buying brand new.

We may be biased but we’re firm believers that second hand is best. We work with our trusted dealers to make sure you get a quality car with top-rated used car finance. Still not convinced? Then maybe these six reasons to buy a second hand car will make you think again…

  • Depreciation — everyone knows that new cars lose their value, and this begins the second the car is driven off the forecourt.  According to the AA* a new car loses around 40% of its value by the end of the first year, so unless you’ve money to burn and simply must have the latest model right now then maybe you should hold back!

  • Insurance — It’s simple maths; the more expensive your car, the higher your insurance premiums will be. No insurance company worth their salt will tell you otherwise – they’re going to be the ones that will have to pay out in case of an accident.

  • Longevity — a lot of people think that cars were made out of sturdier stuff back in the day but the fact is that cars nowadays have a much longer shelf life. This means there’s no better time to buy a second hand car as you’ll be getting more mileage for your money.

  • Resale value — you’ve not bought it yet but you can still think about the resale value. Despite the depreciation we spoke about earlier, the reduction in value will happen a lot slower after the initial hit. Look after it and when you come to sell it on, you may end up with more in your pocket than you expect.

  • Choice — we want your car buying journey to be a feel good one. Consider your budget and what you would have been prepared to fork out for a brand new car.  With the savings that you could make by buying second-hand, you could treat the whole family to an amazing holiday. What’s not to love about that?

  • Top of the range — You’ve got your eye on a brand new car, but your budget only stretches to the most basic version. Check on and you could find the ultra-souped up version with bells and whistles for the same price second hand.

With thousands of cars on our site and different types of dealer finance available, make us your first stop when looking for a used car. Feel good car buying from


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