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May 2nd 2019 info review

When it comes to motorcycles, nothing combines beauty and power quite like a Kawa. And, when it comes to used motorcycles, nothing combines price and performance quite like their 1400GTR.

As a sport touring vehicle, the 1400GTR integrates the performance of a sport bike with the endurance and comfort of a touring bike. Meaning, as far as motorbikes for sale in this category are concerned, there's no better buying option than Kawasaki's flagship tourer.

A confident, imposing bike, the first thing that will strike you about the 1400GTR is the way it looks. Side-on, it's a thing of true beauty; seamlessly fusing Kawasaki's trademark racy looks with sleek, rounded design elements.

The result is a truly sophisticated machine – one that will no doubt turn heads wherever it's ridden.

Once you've managed to stop staring at and appreciating the 1400GTR's beauty, the next thing that will strike you about this bike is its comfort.

Built to go the distance, the 1400GTR's electronic screen, screen vent, heated handlebar grips and ample leg room make for an extremely comfy ride – for both driver and passenger. And just as comfort is no problem, neither is storage space: the 1400GTR's two detachable, lockable, 35-litre panniers only enhancing the driving experience.

A driving experience that is enhanced even further by the kind of performance only a Kawasaki can deliver. With a four-cylinder, 1352cc engine (based on Kawasaki's fabled ZZR1400), adjustable suspension, monocoque style chassis and KTRC traction control system; the 1400GTR's power makes it a miles better option than most, regardless of how many miles you need to cover.

For all its strengths, however, there are a few things to consider when purchasing a used Kawasaki 1400GTR.

With no options such as cruise control, GPS, Bluetooth, cornering ABS or responsive xenon headlights – it's fair to say that this bike is somewhat lacking in innovative features. And, whilst this stripped-back approach might appeal to some riders, it might well put off other ones.

Lack of innovation aside, it really is tough to pick holes in the 1400GTR. It's a seriously solid all-rounder, perfect for weekend and continental touring – as well as commuting.

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