from Vin Diesel to Julia Roberts, not all celebrities enjoy being chauffeured. what cars do these stars actually drive..?

We've taken a look at some of Hollywood's top actors and their automobiles. Who knew mainstream was fit for a celebrity?

Do stars with household names drive the high-end cars you think they do..? Not all premium cars need to carry a premium price tag. Sandra Bullock, who reportedly has a net worth of a staggering $200 million, has been spotted numerous times in an Audi A6 Saloon car. With second-hand models selling for around £20k, why not be your own 'Miss Congeniality'? The world-class Audi name and quality reputation certainly speaks for itself. In fact, this year we ranked the A6 as one of our ten most popular saloons because it provides an outstandingly solid drive. Click here to find out more.

Feel 'Superbad' in a super good car! From his recognisable laugh to his distinctive curly hair, actor Seth Rogen has been in the public eye for around ten years. Worth a reported $55 million, he's still careful with his money when it comes to choosing a car. Frequently spotted driving a Toyota Highlander, he understands how to perfectly balance price and quality. Although starting at around £21k, this car certainly doesn't hold back.

'Dude, Where's My Car?' Since Ashton Kutcher emerged into the mainstream entertainment industry twenty years ago, it comes as no surprise that he likes to splash out on  prestige cars. Over the years, he has been spotted driving a range of vehicles, however one stands out quite prominently…with a starting retail price of over £150k, the Ferrari California is a force not to be reckoned with. Ranked as 2018's Convertible of the Year and Most Stylish Car of the Year, it's an all-round winner. Taking you from 0-60mph in just over three seconds, it truly is a sophisticated and speedy ride. 

With a combined family net worth of near to $300 million, Will Smith still remains relatively humble in his Lincoln Navigator. Starting at around £50k, this car creates a distinct power and presence fit for a 'Fresh Prince.' With a seating plan optimized to deliver an immense level of comfort, every passenger is catered to… and, with an interior as fetching as its exterior, the Navigator will be sure to tick all the boxes.

Although actress Sofia Vergara has a net worth of over $120 million, her car choices still fall under the classy yet affordable bracket. Spotted behind the wheel of Range Rovers in various colours, she appears to be somewhat of a fan! Offering a truly first-class travel experience, the Range Rover is perfectly suited any 'Modern Family'. Sporting beautiful interior features encased by a formidable exterior, it's a car that won't fade from your memory. 

Whether you're feeling 'Bruce Almighty' or 'Gone with the Wind', there's a car to suit everyone at Find and Fund My Car. Use our Intelligent Search and find your dream car today.

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