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Top 5 cars to consider for retirement

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July 8th 2020 info review

After retiring, it can be tough to choose what car you want to drive. Do you go for practicality or decide to live life in the fast lane and opt for the car of your dreams? It's a tough choice we grant you. Which is why we've put together a good mix of options available on the used car market, depending on what you want from your retirement.

What makes a vehicle one of the best cars for older drivers?

When compiling this list, we needed to consider what an older person would be looking for in their ideal car. With this in mind, we compiled the most versatile cars we could. This meant finding vehicles which were:

  • Spacious
  • Easy to drive
  • Efficient on fuel
  • Comfortable
  • Reliable

We also considered the best cars for the elderly to get in and out of, as all too often cars are not designed with this in mind.

Of course, not every retiree is the same, so we’ve ensured all bases are covered here. Whether you’re looking for a car to experience some overdue travelling or are looking for the best cars for seniors with arthritis, there’ll be an ideal motor for you below.

The five best cars for seniors and retirees

Dacia Duster – the spacious option

Want a substantial SUV that's roomy enough for you and your grandchildren, but doesn't take a big chunk out of your retirement fund? Then look no further than the Dacia Duster, which ticks all those boxes.

The younger ones will enjoy the higher seats for exploring the views when travelling longer distances. It really is one of the best SUVs for retirees, bringing together space, comfort and an easy drive. However, if you’re looking for a speedier drive or a non-SUV vehicle, then you may want to consider other options.

Find Dacia Duster listings from findandfundmycar.com today.

Audi TT - for summertime drives

If you're after something that looks great, packs a bit of a punch and is seriously fun to drive, a second hand Audi TT might well be the retirement car for you.

That perfect balance of sass and class, make the most out of your purchase by going for a TT Roadster which, with its convertible roof, is perfect for those summer Sunday beach drives.

While we don’t recommend this car to those who have trouble getting in and out, it is perfect to live out some youthful, speedy drives.

Enjoy some old-fashioned summertime vibes with our Audi TT listings today.

Volvo XC90 – a car you and the grandkids will love

There's something wonderfully understated about the XC90. If you want to show the world a great car without feeling like a show off, then the Volvo's luxury SUV is perfect.

Indeed, it's big without being brash, has a luxury feel and is sultry without losing its smart features (thanks, in part, to Volvo's Park Assist Pilot, which makes parallel and 90-degree parking a doddle).

Of course, it isn’t all about looking nice. With lots of space, comfort and efficiency, it’s a model that is more than a pretty face.

Find a car that you and the grandkids will love with our Volvo XC90 listings.

Toyota Prius – for easy, efficient driving

You might think that Toyota's Prius is strictly the reserve of Silicon Valley tech types, soccer moms and Uber drivers, but with competitively-priced Toyota Prius listings on findandfund, green retirees will enjoy its frugal, environmentally-friendly engine and stress-free drive.

If you want the freedom that having a car affords you, but want to save money so you can afford other luxuries during your retirement, then look no further than this best-selling hybrid. 

While the Toyota Prius balances ease-of-driving with fuel efficiency and reliability, sometimes you do want something more exciting for your retirement…

Mercedes E-Class – the luxury retirement car

If we were to describe an ideal retirement in three words beginning with E, we'd choose enjoyable, elegant and easy. If you want a car that reflects all this, then Mercedes' E-Class is well and truly in a class of its own.

Granted, it's not the cheapest car on this list, but you can pick one up at a competitive price with some great finance options available through findandfund.

It really is the retirement car you deserve after so many years of hard work. Treat yourself with one of our Mercedes E-Class listings today.

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