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we all know that driving too fast will get you into trouble, but you can also drive too slowly.

Don't get caught out and look at the most common laws that drivers don't know about.

October 4th 2018 info fun

We all know to stick to the speed limits, to overtake rather than undertake, and not to park on double yellow lines. We've researched UK driving laws to pull together the most obscure and baffling ones out there…buckle up!

Did you know that sleeping in your car whilst under the influence of alcohol incurs a minimum of ten penalty points, and carries potential for a fine? Even though it could be innocent, the argument is that you'd find it difficult to prove you had no intention of driving whilst intoxicated. Who'd have thought?

Little things we all often forget can leave you out of pocket too, such as hogging the middle lane of the motorway (£100 fine, along with 3 penalty points), and careless driving. In fact, the repercussion for driving too slowly can range from a verbal warning to 9 penalty points, depending on the circumstances. Also, some offences that may appear minor can carry large fines and penalties, too. Did you know that splashing pedestrians with puddles can carry up to nine penalty points and up to £5,000 in fines?

Okay, we started off easy…ish. Now for the shock factor to kick in. Failing to declare the fact that you've had a C-section to the DVLA (where the recovery time is likely to exceed 3 months) can incur a £1,000 fine, and if an accident is caused as a result, you may even be prosecuted.  As this operation is classed as a medical condition that affects your driving, failing to declare as such incurs a hefty fine…to say the least.

And now, for one of the craziest ones – especially if you love a drive thru. Did you know that you could receive up to 6 penalty points, along with a £1,000 fine, if you're caught using the contactless system on your phone to pay for your food at a drive thru? Using your phone whilst driving is forbidden for any purpose, unless the handbrake is on, and the engine is off. What's more, eating and drinking whilst driving can land you with 3 to 9 penalty points, along with a potential £100 fine!

Although some of these may shock you, we should be grateful that our laws are somewhat more forgiving than the ones in China. Although we could get fined for splashing pedestrians, it's actually illegal for those living in Beijing to stop for pedestrians*…

If you think you can avoid puddles when pedestrians are coming your way, head over to to find your perfect car today.

*No, that wasn't a typo!

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