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Group CEO Mark Standish explains why we brought you findandfundmycar.com

January 18th 2018 comment info

findandfundmycar.com has been launched with a clear mission to reinvent the used car buying journey and ensure at the end of the day; customers can sit comfortably in their chosen car and say to themselves ‘that was really good!’

Buying a car should not be a chore, nor should it be stressful. Instead, it should be a pleasure. When we came up with the concept for findandfundmycar.com, words including; ‘easy’, ‘straightforward’, ‘enjoyable’ came to mind. We have not forgotten those key founding principles, nor have we overlooked the reality for some that it is the fear of the car buying process, knowing who to trust and where best to get the car and finance are still an issue. So, our simple aim has been to address those concerns and make the process; easy, straightforward and enjoyable. Taking away the pain and putting in the gain!

Our starting point was easy; over many years we knew from independent research that a little over 86% of customers buying their car through a dealer with MotoNovo Finance already enjoyed the process. This was not a small sample; we finance, on average more than 15,000 cars every month.* We simply needed to spread the word, add some new online tools to meet the need of today’s car buyer to help them start their journey online and work to develop a high quality buying experience that is delivered consistently.

After a very significant amount of work and a multi-million investment, we are there – www.findandfundmycar.com is now live and we are very proud of it. It looks different to anything else and it is different. Just like the emerging take-away apps, we are linking buyers with expert dealer suppliers who have the cars that customers want.

We have developed a unique approach that links quality cars from quality dealers and all of the key car buying attributes:

  • A choice of thousands of used cars
  • Easily accessible and fully transparent finance information
  • Rated dealers, which we have already vetted
  • And a high level of control for the customer; to find their ideal car, dealer and to formulate their ideal financing option

Touching on car finance; the option of dealer finance is often overlooked by many used car buyers; yet 86% of new car buyers use dealer finance. They do this because dealer finance is affordable and competitive and offers a series of benefits that are not usually available with an unsecured personal loan, including:

  • Typically, higher acceptance rates
  • An ability to adjust the variables that make up a loan to make the car purchase more affordable
  • Higher levels of consumer protection
  • Access to help in structuring and discussing finance face to face

With findandfundmycar.com you are in control; you can structure your ideal purchase and get your finance agreed in principle before ever visiting a showroom and you can do it where and when you want.

So, please give it a try and let us know what you think; by bringing buyers and sellers together and ‘ironing’ out the worry issues, I confidently believe you will be very pleasantly surprised. Please do let us know, we want to know that you have had a feel good car buying and financing experience that you would be happy to recommend.

Best Wishes


* Figure taken from profit league reports for 2017

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