top 5 crossovers

already a firm favourite among car buyers, the crossover has become increasingly popular in the last decade

Nissan introduced the crossover 10 years ago with the release of the Qashqai, and since then the market for them has exploded. The idea of a two wheel drive off-roader has really hit home with car buyers looking for a more robust family car.


  • a higher-view driving position
  • unquestionably practical
  • suitable for families, with lots of room
  • there are so many to choose from it can be hard to pick
  • off-road style but usually without off-road ability
  • they’re so popular at the moment you’re likely to see lots of other drivers with the same vehicle
October 12th 2017
If you’ve read enough, search for your perfect crossover

what is a crossover?

Although there are plenty of crossovers to choose from, they all follow that same basic principle, established by the aforementioned Qashqai in the very beginning: you get SUV looks crossed with much more reasonable running costs. It's a formula that has worked well in the last ten years, meaning that everyone from Nissan to Mercedes offers at least one model.

how to choose your crossover?

Whatever your budget, you'll find a crossover to suit. From the entry level Dacia Duster through to the Mercedes GLA, there are all sorts of choices and styles out there. Choose the one that suits your needs – and your pocket – the most. You’ll need to think about what you need your crossover for, whether it be a family car or long-distance driving, then you can work out which one fits best.

Now you’re ready to find your perfect crossover

top 5 crossover

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