top 5 hatchbacks

hatchbacks are Britain’s most popular type of car and are defined, as the name suggests, by the type of boot lid they have

With a hinged boot lid, you get more space with easier access, and there’s a hatchback to suit every pocket — from a Ford to a Ferrari.


  • they're very capable, from plenty of boot space to cheap running costs
  • there are a wide variety of models to choose from
  • they remain hugely popular with families
  • can be slightly more noisy inside
  • rear legroom maybe slightly impeded
  • lower driving position than SUVs/Crossovers
September 20th 2017
If you’ve read enough, search for your perfect hatchback

What is a hatchback?

In the hugely popular compact family class, hatchbacks tend to be the more practical option in most situations: they have more boot space, feel bigger inside, and tend to be cheaper to run. In the wider hatchback field, there are plenty of models to choose from, to suit every pocket, so whether you’re looking for the beloved Ford Focus or VW Golf in the family class, or something at the top end of the scale like the Audi A5 Sportback and BMW 5 Series GT, you’ll find a hatchback to suit you. All of which means that after you’ve decided what it is that you want from your hatchback, you’ll need to be prepared to do your research into the many variants available to you.

All in the boot

Hatchbacks have a boot that’s integral to the rest of the car, so unlike in a saloon, the interior space feels more airy and the boot space is much larger – especially when you remove the parcel shelf and fold down the seats. These upsides have led to a consistently strong family appeal, which is why our Top 5 focusses on that class of hatchback.

Design and Style

It’s such a wide-ranging style – from a flip-back city car like the Kia Picanto and Citroën C1 all the way up to the now genre-defining Tesla Model S all-electric model – that choice in the hatchback segment is made up of endless possibilities. And with that range of choice comes the modern benefits of practicality with few drawbacks. Hatchbacks can be a little noisier than their saloon counterparts – due to that open area all the way back to the rear window – but beyond that the upsides such as extra space for luggage and people outweigh the relatively small downsides.

Now you’re ready to find your perfect hatchback

top 5 hatchback

B901d1ee314710be4320c5ac3dfe02492b4b1075 ford focus 1200x800

Ford Focus

The Ford Focus has been a mammoth success for a long time.

899aefa73b8711ffc13f8be4b4b4126e237d079c vauxhall astra

Vauxhall Astra

The Vauxhall Astra has been consistently high on the UK hatchback list.

B3f0d023c9bd6b49a7dbbef325aad3498bfe5872 vw golf

VW Golf

The VW Golf has been one of the most popular models on British roads for decades.

34fc2118684f4d3912a3547036817c47ef92cbd8 audia3 1200x800

Audi A3 hatchback

The Audi A3 has a big choice of engines and a very refined build quality.

Cf3da2f16f10c1b7efdfbd38cea371c85b6d7835 seat ibiza

Seat Ibiza

The Seat Ibiza uses the best from the VW Group’s cutting-edge tech.

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