top 5 hot hatches

hot hatches enjoy huge popularity here in the UK, thanks to a combination of sporty power and city-friendly size

After the arrival of the archetype VW Golf GTI in the 80s, hot hatches became a staple in the auto world with many manufacturers beginning to pursue a powerful engine in a small body. If you’re after a performance car for relatively reasonable costs, then a hot hatch is for you.


  • great fun to drive
  • visually stylish
  • high performance
  • can be pricey to buy and run
  • suspension provides a bumpy ride
  • not the roomiest
October 12th 2017
If you’ve read enough, search for your perfect hot hatch

what is a hot hatch?

The best hot hatch (the shortening of 'hot hatchback') boast performance to rival some sports cars, but in a tweaked hatchback body. Hot hatches usually have a lot of styling extras too, such as large rear wings and alloy wheels. This much power and style may come at a reasonable price relative to performance, but certainly less so when compared to other car types.

how much are hot hatches to buy?

If you were to buy a brand new Mercedes-AMG A45 or Audi RS3 Sportback, for example, you can expect a price tag of around £40,000.

what models of hot hatchbacks are available?

The most stand-out of hot hatches are something of a household name these days, with models like Honda’s Civic Type R and Ford’s Focus RS being a regular feature on British roads. These models are known for providing an enjoyable drive, with plenty of power and handling prowess, but are also renowned for flashiness. Versions like the aforementioned Golf GTI, on the other hand, go about their business in a much more subtle way.

are hot hatches good family cars?

A hot hatch might not look or drive like your typical family car, but part of its charm is that there’s nothing stopping you from using it as one. The very nature of a hatchback means there’s a fair amount of room in the boot – still with folding rear seats – plus there’s usually lots of added tech and safety features too. A legitimate candidate for transporting your little ones.

Now you’re ready to find your perfect hot hatch

top 5 hot hatch

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