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people carrier and MPV

top 5 people carrier and MPVs

family favourites multi-purpose vehicles (MPV) or people carriers are ideal if you've got a big family to move about

Finding a foothold in the car market thanks to their van-like nature, MPVs and people carriers are great for large families as they're big on space and seats.


  • enable large families to get around together
  • they have ample space
  • lots of room for people and possessions
  • less fashionable than newer car types
  • mpg returns aren’t the strongest
  • can be hard to park in a car park space
October 12th 2017
If you’ve read enough, search for your perfect people carrier/MPV

what is an MPV/people carrier?

An MPV, or ‘people carrier’ as they are more commonly known, is essentially a van a number of people can travel in, with seats inside rather than space, and windows on the side. Renault popularised the MPV/people carrier concept on these shores in the mid-80s. While Renault pushed the general idea on this side of the Atlantic, Chrysler did the same State-side with the Voyager 'minivan'.

what are the features of an mpv/people carrier?

As with any car segment, the basic principle for a people carrier has remained the same across the board, but design and features have been hugely refined over the years to add further style and driving quality. More van-like versions such as VW's Transporter have found popularity in certain quarters – particularly with the likes of campers and surfers – while smaller versions typically appeal to families of five or six. You can even get a supermini-sized MPV these days if you'd like one — the Ford B-Max and VW Golf SV are prime examples.

are mpv/people carriers alternatives to crossovers?

MPVs have fallen slightly out of favour of late, giving way to newer segments such as crossovers and SUVs, which are nearly as practical but marketed with a much more rugged, streetwise appeal. Yet if it’s sheer practicality you’re after, MPVs are hard to beat.

Now you’re ready to find your perfect people carrier/MPV

top 5 people carrier and MPV

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