top 5 saloons

this type of body style is slowly fading away as a choice for British car buyers

But for those who still hold a saloon dear, there are good cars out there to be found at reasonable prices.


  • provides a good, solid drive
  • has a 'grown-up' appeal
  • comfortable for long trips
  • less boot space than a hatchback
  • harder to re-sell due to limited appeal
  • somewhat out-dated style
October 16th 2017
If you’ve read enough, search for your perfect saloon

What is a saloon car?

The traditional four-door family saloon car is on something of a failing footing these days, as five-door versions such as the Ford Mondeo are replacing them – these look like saloons but have a hinged boot lid, making them five-door. The saloon also now has to compete with relatively new segment classes, such as SUVs and crossovers, and of course the ever-popular hatchback. Where those genres are growing, the saloon pool is shrinking.

what are the advantages of a saloon car?

Although the saloon pool may indeed be shrinking, there are still people who love them for their traditional appeal and the very specific style you get from having a boot that's completely separate from the passenger cabin. You'll also find that there's great value for money to be had out there from the used car saloon market, so if you're prepared to commit to the search then you could come away with an absolute peach.

what is a sedan?

This is simply the American term for a saloon, so you're unlikely to find yourself searching for one on UK shores, unless you're after a particularly US styled car.

Now you’re ready to find your perfect saloon

top 5 saloon

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