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How to buy

We’ll help you to both find and fund your perfect used car, but if you’re wondering how exactly to do that, then here’s a few tips to break down the mystery.

It started with a search

A good journey on starts with a good search, so this is a great place to begin. There’s a handy search bar sitting on the homepage and dotted elsewhere across the site. Simply enter your search variables and tap ‘find my car’ to begin.

We'll use your criteria to show you personalised quotations to suit your needs.

Your results

You’ll be given a set of results, so you can scroll through the cars available within your search criteria. That’s a nerdy way of saying ‘have a browse’. On the left hand side you can change your search terms, which will affect the results you’ll see. So have a play around and see how you get on. If there’s nothing you fancy, try widening your search to go further afield.

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Not sure if you can get finance?

Something else that will affect your search results is how much you can afford to spend on buying your next car. Through you can fund your car as well, so investigate the options that are available to you.

Visiting the dealer

From the results you can message the dealer to say that you’re interested, and then arrange to visit them. While you’re there in person, the dealer will take you through the car buying process, after which you’ll be able to drive away in your quality used car.

Dealer video

Your finance options

Here you can watch quick videos about some available finance options: dealer finance; personal contract purchase; hire purchase. After you’ve watched these and understood what’s involved, you can decide how you’d like to fund your next car, and use that to adjust your budget within your search terms.

Your finance options