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The Hyundai i10 is a popular little car. Whether you're buying your first car or just looking for a city runner, the sleek i10 is a great choice. And, did you know that by buying a second hand car, you could save a significant sum? Browse quality used Hyundai i10 cars here, from our network of 2,500 UK dealers.

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  • How Much is a Hyundai i10?

    The cost of a new Hyundai i10 depends on which trim level you opt for, but even at top spec the i10 is an affordable car. For the standard model you can expect to pay upwards of £12,590 new, while the top-of-the-range N Line retails at £15,965. Used i10 cars can be picked up for sometimes as little as £1,500.

  • What Insurance Group is the Hyundai i10 in?

    Being a small car, the Hyundai i10 doesn’t cost much to insure. The standard 1.0L entry-level model sits in group 4, while the highest group of any i10 is group 10, for the top-spec I N Line model.

  • What's the Honda i10's Max Speed?

    The Hyundai i10 has a max speed of 115mph, and can get from 0-60mph in 11.7 seconds. While it may not be the speediest car available, it has a lot of other points in its favour: its compact and practical size, it's inexpensive to run, and it's stylish.

  • What's the Hyundai i10's Fuel Economy Like?

    The Hyundai i10 is a fairly fuel efficient little motor, capable of a maximum of 72mpg. In general you can expect a return of 38-51mpg for city driving. Another plus is that the i10’s CO2 emissions are quite low, at 114g/km, which compares favourably to the Kia Picanto (with emissions of 128g/km).

  • What's the Hyundai i10’s Road Tax?

    As standard, Hyundai i10 cars will cost £150 annually to tax, which is around the average you can expect to pay for a standard small to medium car. If you purchase a new i10 there will be a small premium on your first year, bringing the cost to £175.

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