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Dealer finance explained

Our trusted dealers are on hand to guide you through the finance options available and help find the best solution for you. Choose from a number of competitive finance options to help fund your new car.

Simple Process

Key points about dealer finance

  • Car finance from a dealer is a secure form of lending
  • It should have no impact on your current lines of credit as long as you keep up your monthly payments
  • With fixed monthly payments, it’s one of the most efficient, secure ways to finance your next vehicle
  • Dealer finance has flexibility built in, as you can adjust elements of the quote to suit your needs
  • Choose your deposit amount, the total length of your loan and, ultimately, the amount you want to borrow
  • You can set these terms and then apply online
  • You can be assured with dealer finance that if anything were to go wrong after your car purchase, MotoNovo Finance can step in and offer advice and guidance

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Dealer finance explained

A straight-forward and cost-effective way to fund your new car. Watch our quick video to find out more.

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